4 in 1 Light-sensing Power Adaptor LED Night Light




Still using traditional plugs?

This 4-in-1 plug is the new generation power solution to get all the jobs done at once!
Clutter-Free Plug-In DesignNo more bulky, messy, tangling cables!This compact wall-mounted outlet will satisfy all your needs with USB charging ports and night lights in just one power plug!

FAST CHARGINGOur smart USB charging ports provide ultra-speed charging with 5V 3.1A Standard,charging your phone in the fastest way possible!With a phone holding bracket, you can plug in and leave it to charge with a clear view and steady hold! See your phone clearly as it charges! No more missed calls and messages!

ONE CHARGER HUB FOR ALL YOUR NEEDThis 4-in-1 Power Adaptor Plug is designed to fulfill all your power needs! With 2 USB Charging Ports for Apple and Android devices + 4AC Sockets Converter +Light Sensor LED Night Light + Phone Holder!RELIABLE SAFETY GUARANTEEOur Power Adaptor is certified by FCC and RoHSto provide a safe guarantee for the reliability of this product! By adopting the flame-hindering materials, our power adaptor is built to reduce possible fire hazards to ensure household safety!DUSK TODAWN SENSORThis power adaptor doubles as a night light to provide you with a warming soft illumination at night! The soft diffused light will turn on and off automaticallywithlight-sensor, giving you a smart instant glow from dusk to dawn!

  • Phone Holder
  • 2* USB Charging Port
  • Surge Protected AC Sockets
  • Night Light


  • Max. Output:15A 125V AC 60Hz 1874W
  • Total USB Output:5V 3.1A
  • Dimensions: 128 x 84 x 54mm / 5.0隆矛 x 3.31隆矛 x 1.41隆矛
  • Weight:200g
  • 1*4in 1 Light-sensing Power Adaptor LED Night Light


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