Alarm Anti-Theft Lock




You deserve better than all your hard work being broken and entered!
According to the Bureau of Justice, the average number of yearly burglaries in the US is 3.7 million (10,137 burglaries/day) with more than $3.1 billion of damage.

These burglars need to be chased away! Especially when you’re not there…

The Alarm Anti-Theft Lock is a motion-sensing padlock that activates as a 110 dB LOUD (live rock music concert is 108 – 114 dB)alarm, as soon as someone messes around with it!

Doesn’t it trigger you to think someone can easily get inside your home and take anything they want? Or (hopefully not) worse…

Don’t think, “it won’t happen to me!” You are smarter than that.

Protect your home with the strongest material that not only keeps your loved ones and precious belongings safe, but lets you sleep better at night. What more? You can even get one for your bike!

Act Smart. Live Safe.


Home Safety All Times

Smart Motion-Detector

Loud 110 dB Alarm System

Low-Power Consumption

Free Batteries Included

Prevention Over Later Investigation

One-Size For All

Packaging Included:

  • 1 xAlarm Anti-Theft Lock
  • 3 x Keys
  • 6 x Batteries


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