Collapsible Wire Basket




This smart metal basket can be transformed intoseven different shapes and can be used to store a number of things. It can be used as a fruit basket, a bowel for bread and much more.
The joints and revolving parts of this foldable basket are sturdy and durable. It can be used as a decorative piece and placed on your dining table or office table.
The basket is made of wire and can easily be folded into any shape and can be used for multiple storage purposes.
From a simple fruit basket to moremodern funky shapes,
you canchange the whole lookjust by pushing on the sides!

It’s so flexible that youcan adjust the size or shape as you like.
  • Open the basket when you use it, and you can put some fruits or vegetables in it,
  • When it is empty, Just collapse it for easy storage.

In addition to being used as a fruit basket, this product can also beused to decorate a room and decorate the bar.


This fruit wire basket is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel,Rustproof and corrosion resistant, Chrome finished.
Size Specification
S: Flat Lay 25 cm Diameter
L: Flat Lay 37 cm Diameter
Package Included
1xCollapsible Wire Basket


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