Lazy No Bend Shoe Remover




No more struggles to bend down to take off your shoes!
Here comes the perfect solution to remove your footwear the easy way!
The Bend-Free Shoe Removal Solution!This shoe remover is perfect for those who have troubles bending down to reach! Simply fit your shoes in the U-shaped designated area and leave thework to it!
DAILY HASSLES MADE CELERITY AND EASY!Taking off shoes have never been easier! Still getting the dirt on your kicks by stepping onthe heels? Take them off the gentle and easy way without getting your shoes dirty!

CONSIDERATE HUMANISTIC DESIGNThis is the perfect solution for those who have difficulties bending down! This humanistic designenable users to remove the shoes without bending down!
WIDE APPLICABILITY FOR ALL SHOESThis no-bend shoe remover is made perfectly applicable for all kinds of shoes, from sneakers, flats, high heels, boots, and more!This smart shoe remover makes taking shoes off a lot more hygienic without having to touch it by hand!
Portable Durable Materials This boot remover is made of premium PP + TRP and is very durable yet portably lightweight, making it the perfect device in anywhere and anytime you like!

  • Makes removing shoes simple and effortless.
  • Ideal for users with a limited reach or range of motion.
  • Helps those who have difficulty bending over easily take off shoes.
  • Sturdy materialis durable and long-lasting for reliable use.

  • Material:Premium PP + TRP
  • Product Size: 30 x 11 x 3.5cm / 11.8 x 4.3 x 1.4inch
  • Package Weight: 203g
  • Applicable for:all shoes


  • 1*Lazy No Bend Shoes Remover


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