PartyPop Luminous LED Shoes




Partying in regular shoes are mediocre. You need some kicks to literally “light up” the whole room!

These PartyPop Luminous LED Shoes willtake your party to the next level! Feel free to keep the beers going and spilling because they are waterproof too!

Made with cruelty-free vegan leather, these shoes will support you with a perfect fit and unbelievable comfort no matter how hard you party! The soles are not only luminous, but also made with leap-support flexible, supportive rubber, making sure you can dance all you want with them!

To charge up the shoes, simply charge them up with a regular USB charging port using the cord inside the shoe!

They’ll let you know you’re ready to shine up in the party as the light automatically turns off after the shoes are fully charged! The durable battery canshine up to 9 hours after charging.

Use the one-press switch to change the colors and switch them on! Find it a little too flashy? simply switch it off by pressing on it for 3 seconds!


  • Material:Premium Cruelty-free vegan leather
  • Lining Material: Cotton Fabric.
  • Size type: US size
  • The sizes provided are womens’. Please select ONE SIZE BIGGER FOR MENS’.

    Package Includes

    • 1 pair* Party Pop Luminous LED Shoes


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