Premium Tungsten Steel Carbide Rotary Burr Set




The carbide alloy rotary file use is extremely widespread, applies in the mold processing manufacture; Machine parts bevel edge, inverted round and trench processing.

Good processing quality, finish high; Can process cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, and marble, jade, bone and other non-metallic.

Easy to use, safe and reliable; Reduces the arduous manual labor greatly, reduce the cost of production.

Long service life, ten times higher than the durability of high speed steel cutter, and 200 times more durable than small grinding wheels
Widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical, craft sculpture etc.


  • SHAPE:Double Cut cylinder with variants shape.
  • DURABLE:Made of heat-treated Tungsten carbide YG8 that lasts 10 times working life than HSS, suitable for machining various kinds of a metal material including ¬°HRC65 hardened steel.

  • VERSATILE:Widely used for metalwork, welding,wood carving, model engineering, jewelry making, deburring, grinding, cylinder head porting and sculpting.
  • TARGET:Suitable for all skill level | this is an essential kit for woodworkers & enthusiasts who clean up welds or works with metal frequently, easy to grasp and use, safe and reliable.
  • CONVENIENT:Generally can be used with handheld electric or pneumatic tool drive (can also be used in the machine tool, and the speed of the electric/pneumatic tools usually about 6000-50000 RPM)
  • 1.Tungsten Carbide cutter Rotary Burr Set CNC Engraving Bit
  • 2.Type: Rotary Burr
  • 3.High production efficiency
  • 4.Long service life
  • 5.Easy to use , safe and reliable
  • Product Description:

    • Carbide rotary burr set processing all kinds of metal (burr bits for metal carbide burrs for steel including all sorts of hardened steel) and non-metal (such as marble, jade, bone).
    • Machining hardness reaches HRA65.
    • For the most work rotary burr set can be replaced with a small grinding wheel and no dust pollution.

    • High efficiency, high-quality finish, long service life, good economic returns.
    • Easy to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity.
    • Mechanical parts chamfering, rounding and groove processing.
    • Dual Chamber is crossover lines, not easy to block the lines, more suitable for the object of relatively low-density material.
    • 10 different types: Oval, inverted cone, pointed cone,ball nose cone, ball nose, pointed tree nose, flame, ball, a cylinder with round head, a cylinder with end cut.


    • Cleaning trimming, veining, and weld joint of casting, forging and welding. Finishing all kinds of metal molds.
    • Impeller passage of finishing processing.
    • A variety of mechanical parts chamfer, round and groove processing.
    • Inner hole surface of machinery parts finishing.
    • The process of various metal and nonmetal sculpture.
    Package Includes:
    1* Carbide Rotary Burr Set


    – Material: Tungsten Steel
    – Shank diameter: 6mm / 1/4″
    Quantity: 10pcs
    – Color: Silver


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