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The 20-inch Universal Trolley Suitcase is a trusty travel companion that everyone will surely love! It will always follow by your side so even if it lags behind while avoiding obstacles with its ultrasonic probes, it will quickly catch up to you and return to its place next to you. Designed with an Ultra-wideband technology, the luggage comes with an electronic bracelet that allows it to follow movements synchronously at a safe distance.

You may also download the phone application called “Airwheel” to remotely control your luggage by the use of the wristband. The luggage has a removable battery that can be used for 3 hours when fully charged so it can be taken off any time when boarding the plane.

It features a fingerprint lock to ensure that your valuables are secured when you travel and automatic telescopic drive wheel to make it easy to use.


  • It has an autonomous following system that uses ultrasonic probes to intelligently avoid obstacles
  • The luggage can be controlled remotely with the use of the phone application
  • Secures your valuables with the fingerprint lock
  • It comes with an electronic bracelet that acts like the remote control
  • This suitcase will mean no more lost luggage for you as you can track it with the app
  • Multiple compartments make it convenient to organize your things
  • It has a quick removable battery
  • It is designed with a USB charging interface and LED lights to indicate battery level plus other signals
  • Everything else you need is in one app like the weather, battery, flight mode,
  • GPS, locks, security, and settings
  • Low energy consumption Bluetooth module for a long lasting connection
  • Durable construction
  • Modular design for convenience and space


  • Size: 20in
  • Capacity: 30L
  • Lock: Fingerprint
  • Tie rod material: Aluminum alloy
  • Main material: PC + ABS
  • Wheel: 360-degree universal wheel
  • Top speed: 6km/h
  • Compatible system: iOS and Android
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Battery: 12V Lithium ion battery



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