Stainless Steel Corn Stripper




The ring-shaped serrated stainless steel blades of these corn stripping tools allow you to strip an entire cob of corn in just seconds. Simply push a cob of corn through the stripping tool with a twisting motiontoremove all of the delicious kernels.
It can cut ginger, garlic, cheese, and potatoes.You can immediately taste the difference when you use fresh corn kernels in salads, chili, tortillas, casseroles or even cakes, instead of canned corn.

Product Features

  • ¡¾SUPER DESIGN¡¿ Stainless steel blades make quick work of corn kernels,It is hygienic, equipped with a special container, can hold corn kernels, and keep food more sanitary and safe.

  • ¡¾FUNCTIONAL KITCHEN TOOL¡¿ It can cut ginger, garlic, cheese, and potatoes,you can use the container as a salad bowl,you can even use it as a measuring cup because it has a scale on it.What a perfect combination set.

  • ¡¾EASY TO USE¡¿Take the corn cob and spin clockwise,you will find it easy to get all the kernel soon.When you see a bare cob, you will feel fulfilled.

  • ¡¾SAFE&EASY TO CLEAN¡¿ With the hand guard,do not worry about your fingers getting hurt.Smooth surfaces are easy to clean.

Product Details

  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • No Power Outlet and Battery Needed
  • Non – Slip Bottom
  • Durable Plastic

Product Includes

  • 1 xStainless Steel Corn Stripper


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